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Replying to threads - deeznuts892 - 10-02-2017

Instead of users replying in a new page, why not let the users reply in the same page like when quoting someone.. the text box below for the user's reply will update with the tags and stuff


RE: Replying to threads - RICK - 10-02-2017

what do you mean?

RE: Replying to threads - deeznuts892 - 10-03-2017

Sorry that was confusing lol, what I mean is that whenever the user quotes a certain reply instead of popping up a new tab with the quote tags just put it in the quick reply below and show a box like

[ Insert quote] [ Delete ]

RE: Replying to threads - RICK - 10-05-2017

hmm i see

RE: Replying to threads - Flex - 10-09-2017

Yeah much easier to quote users, not really a big deal though

RE: Replying to threads - B1rdPers0n - 10-09-2017

cant say its really a priority but ill look into it.