CTN Forum Rules
1. This is an ENGLISH ONLY board. No other languages are to be used here.

2. Posting links to other cracking forums is STICKLY prohibited.

3. ALL Blackhat activity is STICKLY prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.

4. You will be forced to maintain a share-to-leech ratio no matter what rank you are in.

5. When posting a program, you MUST provide a VT (VirusTotal) scan link.

6. Flaming, harassing or doxing a user in any way will result in your account be permanently banned. (this can also mean blackmailing or cracking another members tools including sales trashing)

7. Using adfly or any other service like that is strictly prohibited and will result in a temporary ban.

8. Posting links anywhere that requires you to disable your adblocker is STRICLTY prohibited.

9. Only paid upgraded members will be allowed to post their shop on this forum.

10. “Spam Posting” accounts in small batches or “one by one” will not be tolerated on this board and we will also not tolerate shit posting for seals.

11. Asking for accounts via PM or circumventing hide tags in any way will result in a ban.

12. Requesting/spamming/advertising in Shoutbox is forbidden.

13. Leaking or selling any of the content posted on this forum will result and an immediate ban.

14. DO NOT change passwords on accounts you unlock. They are for the community. Not just you.

15. Do not create duplicate accounts. 1 account per user/IP is allowed.

16. Leaking any data from this site will result in an immediate ban.